Spring Small Groups 2023

Join us this spring for our next Small Group series based on the new book The End of Spectator Church by Rev. Tony Cooke. We are excited to dive into what it truly means to be an active Christian and how we can move from "passivity to purpose" in the church. "The call to radical engagement is sounding, and it is time to answer. Take your place and fulfill your role in a fully awakened and dynamically activated Church!"

Small Group Meetings are now complete.

The videos are available to watch below.

Our Small Group Meetings consist of times of fellowship, worship, teaching and discussion groups.

Seasonal Small Groups

Seasonal Small Groups are a great way to connect personally with others here at Heart of the Bay. Small Groups take place Wednesday evenings once or twice a year.

Topics vary from Finances, Relationships, Spiritual Maturity and more. Join us for the large group teaching in the Sanctuary then head on over to your small group to discuss the lesson, and how it applies to your life. It is our hope that you find connections with one another and a greater understanding of the life and purpose that God has for you.